Since 1974 W.H. Meanor & Associates has provided talent acquisition and recruiting success for our Partner Client Companies.  We are the recruiter of choice of top talent engineers and industrial experts for manufacturers and engineers.

Proven industry expert providing the recruiting & talent acquisition needs of manufactures and client companies as well as access to high profile candidates
* Expanded company profile to cover global markets to better support our clients' recruitng needs
* Improved average closure time to 20 days from receipt of job order to candidate hire on critical need orders
* Streamlined recruiting procedure for candidate application to job openings and initial response of less than 36 hours
* Online job reporting system for clients to track recruiter activity on candidates (Retained Client service)
* Contract staffing and recruiting service for engineers and manufacturing needs of client


1.  Industrial Manufacturing:  Heavy and Light

Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Power Generation, Industrial machinery, Metals Manufacturing, Textiles, Agricultural, Mining, Manufacturing& Energy

 2. Information Technology:  

Software, Telecommunication, Manufacturing & IT

 3. Energy Generation:

Traditional/Conventional, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Power Transmission & Nuclear


"We're in the business of improving lives and companies' bottom lines"


Employers understand that it takes more than just advertising a position to recruit the needed experience, education, skill sets in the right time line and compensation guidelines in today’s market.


Less than 3% are actively seeking a new position. That means ads, postings and calls won’t attract the talent your company requires to expand and succeed. 

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Candidates/ Job Seekers:

W.H. Meanor & Associates has always been committed to working with candidates to improve their lives by placing them in good, solid companies where they have future opportunities for advancement and growth.  We don’t just place a candidate to gain a fee, we make sure it is the right match for the candidate’s experience, skills, education and needed compensation and a good fit in the company’s culture. 

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